We are honest and act with integrity while interacting with customers.
We provide great service with lowest rate for best utilization of our customer.
We use new ideas and new transportation system to enhance service and increase customer satisfaction.
We solve problems creatively, and take action on behalf of our customers.
We deliver quality work for the benefit of our customers and coworkers.
We provide consistent and dependable service that exceeds expectations and creates loyal customers.


Eagle frozen is one of the best Refrigerated, Freezer and chiller Truck Rental in Dubai UAE.
Eagle frozen is a superior transport company of refrigerated, Dry and open vehicles for companies, superstores , union corps  and individual who need to offer any time for a day and night we provide 24 hours service availability for our clients with value added customer policy , Eagle frozen rent truck services also provide  vehicles trucks for weekly and monthly basis for their clients. Eagle frozen rent truck services is a one of the unique transport company which work on the evaluation basis. We are analysis the client’s satisfaction level and then provide the services as well as the client’s needs and their demand for fulfillment of their requirement. Whether you need to transport any kind of sensitive items and non sensitive items to a new location one time you have take our services then we hope you will call us for next time. We are offering an affordable and challenge price rate in all over Dubai rent truck transportation market that you can easily arrange your transportation needs from your budget plane. Because we provide different kinds of vehicles so you can select and hire in reasonable rate which most suitable for your need. Such as refrigerated truck 3 ton to 10 ton. Chiller and freezer truck  3 to 10 ton trucks. Similarly we provide dry and open trucks also in 3 to 10 ton load capacity.